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High paying URL shortener websites

In the world of blogging and the internet, URLs play a definite role. Whether you're blogger, affiliate marketer, e-commerce website owner, or a web service provider; you'll need an URL Shortener to reduce your regular URLs.

Most blog post URLs or product links are long with UTM source and tags. Sharing such long URLs not onlylooksk ugly but also discourages the user to click the URL once they find it on social media networks. Here’s where URL Shortener tools come into play.
Currently, the foremost popular URL Shortener tools are Bitly and Google URL Shortener. But what if I told you there are more and tons many which may assist you to make money online while sharing your own shortened URLs.

Yes, you heard it right! There are multiple highest paying URL Shorteners which may assist you u make money online as you share the shortened URLs on various social media channels.

How to make money using URL Shortener?
There’s no big difference between a general URL shortening tool like Bitly and a URL shortening service that pays. Both the sort of tools will shorten a lengthy URL during a similar fashion wia little difference. Today, there are various URL shortening servicthatich can pay you whenever a user clicks the shortened URL.

Cool. Isn’t it?

Even I was surprised when I read it for the first time. Although the costs vary from one URL shortening service to the opposite, you'll choose the URL shortening service that suits your business model.

While some URL shortening services follow the distribution model, many others buy the amount of clicks or impressions. Every URL shortening service sets a payment threshold or benchmark so you'll only get paid once you reach that threshold.
Most of those URL shortening services also buy referrals also .

Best Highest Paying URL Shortener

There are quite 40 URL shortening services that pay whenever someone clicks the URL. Finding the best of the lot can be challenging. Hence, I even have created an inventory of 5 highest-paying URL Shortener for my readers.

I have made this list considering factors like CPM rates, payment threshold, and referral bonuses.
So, with none further ado, let’s get on with the short


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Trustworthiness that the key if you would like to effectively use and make money from URL shortening service. Shorte.ST qualifies because it of among the foremost trusted URL Shortener out there. Shorte.ST is additionally one among the highest-paying URL Shortener round the web. For a US audience, Shorte offers one among the very best payout rates at $14.04.

Besides offering one of the best payout rates, Shorte also sets a minimum withdrawal limit of $5 for PayPal and WebMoney, whereas sets the withdrawal limit at $20 for Payoneer. You can withdraw your earn the NGS on 10th of every month automatically if the payment threshold is reached for the set payment method. Shorte also lets you earn on referrals. You can earn 20% of all the earnings made by your referrals with Shorte. So, more quality referrals can help you earn more money in the long run without even using the URL shortening service.

Interesting Shorte.ST stats:
No. of Registered users: 1,017,836
Total URLs shortened: 1,758,071,729
Total URLs clicked: 6,679,203
Highest CPM: $14.04 for US traffic

Offers CPM rates as high as $14.04 for US audience
Minimum payment threshold of $5 for PayPal
20% commission on referral income
Real-time statistics
Dedicated customer agent
Family-safe, quality, secure ads
Mass shrinker lets you shorten multiple URLs at one go

A bit slow compared to other URL shortening services


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ToorCo URL

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